Material Property Testing

We can evaluate any mechanical or thermal property using any domestic or international testing standard. Non-standard testing is available upon request.

 Any engineering materials including; refractories, ceramics, building materials, metals, polymers and composites can be evaluated.

 Testing services include:


  1. Density and porosity testing.
  2. Particle size, sieving and particle distribution analysis.
  3. Tensile, compression, bend (modulus of rupture) and shear testing.
  4. Young’s modulus evaluation.
  5. Hardness and fracture toughness testing.
  6. Fatigue testing.
  7. Thermal conductivity.
  8. Thermal expansion coefficient.
  9. Thermal diffusivity.
  10. Specific heat capacity.
  11. Refractoriness under load
  12. Thermal creep testing,


If you have materials you would like us to evaluate please contact us.